That classic scooter look

It’s gotta be that look. That classic Vespa profile, which somehow looks great with everything and everyone. That vintage scooter feel that makes every photo a winner. That unmistakable silhouette that gets you hundreds of “missed connections” on craigslist.

Chelsea notes that she has met many of her bestest friends simply by pulling up (or riding away) on a classy scooter. Your ride can entice conversations with people who might otherwise never cross your path, and scooters do that in a way that no other vehicle can.

Here is a handy list of the new scooters at Scoot Richmond that really carry that classic look.

Genuine Buddy 50, Buddy 125, and Buddy 170i

Vespa S50 and S150

Vespa LX50 and LX150

Genuine Stella 150 4T

Vespa GTS 300 and GTS 300 Super

Vespa LXV150 and GTV300


Looking for a scooter that looks more modern and downright sporty? Check out these decidedly more current rides for a fun-filled ride into the future.

Genuine Blur 220i

Piaggio Fly 50 and Fly 150

Piaggio BV350 and BV500 Touring

Piaggio MP3 250, MP3 400, and MP3 500


Last but not least, these scooters are best classified as looking like they would do as well on-road as they would do off-road. Chunky over sized tires, better ground clearance, great fuel economy and more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

Genuine Roughhouse 50

Piaggio Typhoon 125

3 Comments on “That classic scooter look

  1. As an impetuous young lad, in 1972 took off from Va. Beach on an old Vespa to see the world. Great scooter, but mixing 2-cycle oil with gas was a pain. Now that scooters have 4-cycle engines and require so little in the way of routine maintenance, they offer a wonderful alternative to the family car for running errands, and exploring and re-discovering the wonderful region around Richmond. One of the nice things about a scooter is that it invites one to slow down and take in the scenery, unlike so many vehicles out there which encourage a rider to go fast and become so velocitized that they miss so much as the world races by as an unbroken blur.
    Now that the years are catching up with me, I’m giving serious thought to parking my 1980 GL1100 Goldwing for the last time, in favor of one of the larger displacement Vespa or Piaggio models, as they are infinitely more nimble and easier to handle than my ‘Wing.

    Richmond has needed a quality franchise to represent the likes of Piaggio, Vespa, and other scooter brands for some time now, and I hope that ScootRichmond is finding this a rewarding niche to fill for our community, not only in terms of initial sales and follow-on service, but as ambassadors toward the end of weaning us Americans from our obsession with the “four-wheeler” as a staple of personal transportation.

  2. from the first that they are very simple and easy to ride to ride. Secondly, they don’t affect your lifestyle. Moreover, they are ideal for young people, children, and even adults.

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