Speedmaster 900

The Triumph Great Escape Program is running right now! Get your choice of $750 in free accessories or $1,000 off the bike itself! Also, qualified buyers will get financing with no payments and no interest until April, at which time it becomes 3.99% for 48 months! We can get qualified buyers out the door on a Speedmaster, with three years of maintenance paid for and five years of replacement for damaged wheels for around $200 per month! Ride a brand new Triumph motorcycle for free until April!

Long, low, blacked out and mean, the Speedmaster echoes the hot-rod cruiser theme but adds a very British spin with some classic Triumph parallel twin power. Built to be an engaging entry level bike that’s also ideal for riders moving to their first big cruiser, the Speedmaster has the zest and handling to keep new and experienced riders happy. Everything about it is laid back and easy.

The low rider look is a classic one reflecting the styles of home-built hot rods on both sides of the pond.   The look of the Speedmaster is dominated by the 19” cast aluminum front tire with its single disc brake and skinny tire, giving a classic chopped hot rod look. The Speedmaster has a mix of chrome and black components to give it a purposeful and moody look. The retro theme continues with what look like twin carbs and a traditional air filter housing, which cleverly disguise the modern fuel injection system. The skinny front tire is complemented by a fat 15” rear tire, enhanced by the cutdown mudguards.

But the soul of any bike is its engine, and that’s where the Speedmaster stands out even more, with an air-cooled twin that is steeped in our long and colorful heritage. The engine’s output peaks at a muscular 61PS and there is strong torque from low in the rev range, with a maximum of 53lb/ft at just 3300rpm. To you that means that you’ll get plenty of thrust at a flick of a wrist, without needing to resort to the slick gear change. The engine feels simply incredible thanks to the 270 degree crankshaft design which results in a lazy uneven beat from the mellow exhaust note to match the easy pull of the motor. The vibration levels are just enough to let you know there is an engine working hard beneath you but without intruding on your comfort or general ride.

Every new Triumph Motorcycle comes with a 2 year unlimited mile warranty. Scoot Richmond offers a myriad of customizable extended warranty and prepaid maintenance options on the purchase of any new Triumph too!

The fuel tank holds 5.1 gallons of gas, and the Speedmaster gets approximately 50-71mpg. The 2014 Speedmaster is available in Jet Black and Matte Graphite.

Starting price on the 2016 Triumph Speedmaster in Jet Black is $8,400, with the Matte Graphite with stripe starting at $8,650. Please note that the MSRP does not reflect freight, prep, tax, tags, title and other dealer fees.


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