Daytona 675 R

Apex after apex, the Daytona 675 inspires complete confidence. More power, lighter weight, and easier to ride, our engineer’s ambition was simple: To create the most perfectly balanced motorcycle. An equal blend of torque, responsiveness, agility, poise, and purpose. The result is a bike with class-defining power, performance, and handling. And looks every bit as good.

The engine is brand new featuring twin injectors per cylinder, which allow it to draw fuel more quickly when you open the throttle fully. A first for a production Triumph, the Daytona has substantially lighter titanium valves fitted, which are better able to cope with the higher revs. This also means that lighter valve springs can be used, reducing valve train wear and friction. We built the new Daytona engine with a shorter stroke allowing us to set a 14,400 rev ceiling, with increased power to 128PS and maximum torque at 75Nm. The new Daytona has a spine tingling induction roar with more of that distinctive three-cylinder intake snarl. It’s faster on the track, better on the road, and most satisfying to own.

Front and rear Ohlins suspension is fully adjustable, with the added advantage of separate low and high speed compression damping adjustment. Lighter wheels reduce unsprung mass and minimize the gyroscopic effect, making it easier to turn the bike in and hold a line through the corner. We’ve fitted race-derived Pirelli SuperCorsa tires to give you the grip to match your potential lean angle. Brembo radial brake calipers on the front give amazing feel and stopping power and the rear Brembo caliper is lighter than ever before too. The Daytona’s new switchable ABS includes a track mode with very late intervention, minimised rear wheel life control and the facility to slide the rear wheel on the entry to corners. Off track it’s useful for preventing wheel lockup when hitting a wet patch or misjudging a corner when braking on a slippery surface. The Daytona R comes from the factory with clutchless quick upshifting too to make it the ultimate track day racer!

Every new Triumph Motorcycle comes with a 2 year unlimited mile warranty. Scoot Richmond offers a myriad of customizable extended warranty and prepaid maintenance options on the purchase of any new Triumph too!

The 2016 Triumph Daytona 675R is available in Crystal White/Jet Black and Phantom Black with Diablo Red flashing and red pinstriping on the wheel rims.

Starting price on the Triumph Daytona 675 is $14,000. Please note that the MSRP does not reflect freight, prep, tax, tags, title and other dealer fees.

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