100cc to 170cc Scooters

Getting a 50cc scooter may be easy peasy, but sometimes that top speed of 35mph just doesn’t cut it.  Scooters with bigger faster engines are a must if you want to get around your city a little more quickly.  The scooters in the 100-170cc class are able to do speeds of 45 and 55mph with ease, with top speeds of anywhere from 60 to 70mph.  The scooters in this range have larger engines, but for the most part the frame and body of the scooter is the same size as the 50cc scooters, which means that these scoots are capable of parking almost anywhere.  Sure, it is true that you will need a motorcycle license, tags, and insurance to ride these scooters, but it is soooo worth it!

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Vespa Primavera 150 – This impossibly gorgeous scooter is a joy to ride and observe. You’ll love everything about the Primavera!

Vespa Sprint 150 ABS – Chelsea’s favorite mid-sized scoot, the Vespa Sprint 150 is a powerhouse with tight handling and perfect handling.

Piaggio Typhoon 125 – Mean looking and smooth riding, the Typhoon is an absolute blast!

Piaggio Fly 150  – European style and comfort make the Fly a stand-out choice among our 150cc scooters. Low maintenance and tons of storage too!

Genuine Buddy 170 – Retro style, compact and easy to ride, with the sophistication of fuel injection

Genuine Stella 125 – The classiest scooter around! Now with a no-muss 125cc automatic transmission engine.

Genuine Hooligan 170 – Rowdy styling and a beefy engine and suspension make this an urban warrior!

Genuine Buddy Kick 125 – Coming soon! Fuel injection and every feature under the sun. Check it out in Spring 2016!