Genuine Buddy 170i

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The awesome BUDDY 170i is currently ON SALE! Save $300 on a new 2014 Genuine Buddy 170i in the most favorite color, Oxford Green with a deep brown seat and white racing stripe! This awesome scoot will only be on sale until it’s gone, so hurry in! Check out our specials page for all current promotions, financing offers, and bargains.

Brand new from Genuine: The Buddy is now available as a fuel-injected 170cc powerhouse! The new 2015 Genuine Buddy 170i is available in SO MANY COLOR COMBOS! Choose from Oxford Green with a white racing stripe, Satin Black with a glossy black racing stripe, Zephyr Silver with a black racing stripe, Mocha (two-tone brown & cream), Pamplona (burgundy & cream), Italia (olive & light green), and Brittania (royal blue with grey-blue).

These scooters are now on the floor at Scoot Richmond, so come on down and check out the coolest new scoot from Genuine.

The Buddy 170i features Genuine’s incredible 2 year unlimited mile warranty, as well as 2 years of roadside assistance. It’s the best in the business!

The Buddy 170’s powerful 170cc fuel-injected 4 stroke air cooled engine has a fully automatic transmission. You’ll be capable of reaching speeds of 65+mph, while still getting upwards of 85 miles to the gallon…but you’ll be having FAR too much fun to care.

The Buddy 170i has an MSRP of $3349, which does not include tax, title, tags, destination/set-up, or  a helmet or other gear. Come down today and take the Buddy 170i home with you!

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