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Buying a pre-owned scooter is a great way to save a bit of money! Scoot Richmond offers a variety of used scooters for purchase. Please call Scoot Richmond at (804)230-1000 if you are interested in a specific scooter on this list, as there is only one of each vehicle. Photos are on the way for the rest of the scooters. Drop us an email at info (at) scootrichmond dot com if there is a specific scoot you’d like to see!  Please note: All prices noted here are before vehicle sales tax, title, registration, and state inspection. Get in touch and we can put together a final price for you.

And remember to check our Sales and Bargains page, if you are looking for a great deal on a new scooter with a full factory warranty

2013 Genuine Stella 4T 150 (Manual) – $1,799 

THE LAST OF THE MANUAL SCOOTERS! The Stella was the very last scooter in production with a manual transmission. This 150cc throwback is in excellent condition. If you’re looking for a vintage bike that hasn’t had every shade tree mechanic from here to Sicily mucking around with it’s engine, this is a great option. It’s not vintage by age, but it’s vintage by design and is based on the exact same specs as the old Vespa P Series.

2009 Vespa GTV 250ie – $3,799

The GTS models completely took Vespa to a new level of performance when they were released. Faster than anything Vespa had released before, and with shockingly sport handling, the GTS was an instant success. Not long after, they released the GTV series, with the same frame and engine the GTS had. The major difference between the GTS and GTV is the V, meaning vintage. The GTV, with it’s hand stitched leather seat, fender mounted headlight, mini windshield and exposed handlebars takes the style and shape of the Vespa that’s known throughout the world, and adds in the details that call back to the long storied history of the company that invented the scooter in the first place. This one looks like it’s been sitting in a showroom since 2009, and has barely 1,000 miles on it. The previous owner is a long time customer and can very easily be described as fastidious about the up keep on his bikes. This is one of the best buys we’ve had available for a while, so come scoop it up before some other lucky individual takes it scooting all over Virginia! 

2014 Vespa GTS 300ie – $4,499 _dsc0208

Low mileage, gel seat, rear rack, excellent condition and is yet another example of Vespa’s perfect eye for design. The GTS 300 has always been a favorite among Moto Richmond employees because it is versatile, ridiculously fun to ride, and has to awesome build quality of the most world’s most well respected scooter manufacturer.

2015 Genuine Hooligan 170i – $2,699

The Genuine Hooligan 170i is fuel injected (so no dealing with carburetor issues ever year), has an awesome amount of under seat storage and is just a blast to ride. This little bike will top out somewhere around 65 miles an hour and gets absolutely killer fuel economy. If you’re looking for a great bike that will be reliable, is fun to ride and unique, this is an awesome choice at a great price! 

2009 GTS 250 – $3,499

Another low mileage GTS! The most awesome model line in the world is here, and you have your choice of low mileage, ridiculously fun GTS scooters in red and black right now! Bulletproof, fun to ride and intensely practical, the GTS is a near perfect scooter. A top box gives you added storage to boot! 

2008 Genuine Buddy 150 – $1,499 

Thes 150cc Genuine Buddy is an excellent choice for anyone looking for reliable transportation that’s larger than a 50cc, but isn’t much heavier or bigger in general. The 150cc engine will get you a reliable 55 -60 mph so getting around on the roads outside of the city is absolutely no issue. With under seat storage, a top box and this awesome color, there’s no reason not to get to scooting ASAP! 


Scoot Richmond has an ever-changing variety of used scooters as well as the occasional vintage Vespa and Lambretta scooter available for purchase. Please call us if you are looking for something in particular and we’ll see what we can help you find.

Are you looking to sell your quality used scooter? Contact us! Scoot Richmond offers consignment sales for your used scooter or motorcycle which is sitting in a corner collecting dust (dependent on available space in our showroom, of course). Please give us a call to discuss our consignment policies.

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