Used and Vintage

Buying a pre-owned scooter is a great way to save a bit of money! Scoot Richmond offers a variety of used scooters for purchase. Please call Scoot Richmond at (804)230-1000 if you are interested in a specific scooter on this list, as there is only one of each vehicle. Photos are on the way for the rest of the scooters. Drop us an email at info (at) scootrichmond dot com if there is a specific scoot you’d like to see!  Please note: All prices noted here are before vehicle sales tax, title, registration, and state inspection. Get in touch and we can put together a final price for you.

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2011 Genuine Blur 220i, Optic White – $1,9997:22:14 2011 White Blur profile w:logo

The Genuine Blur 220i is an absolute blast. Genuine decided to call this scooter the Blur because it blurs the line between a scooter and a sport bike. Both the name and the description are perfect. This bike will eat up the turns and accelerate with the best of them. The front and rear disc brakes will stop it on a dime and it will cause a perma grin during every one of those scenarios. It’s fast, agile, and built to last. The suggested retail value on a 2011 Genuine Blur 220i is $2,835, without the attached top box or windshield. That makes this bike one hell of a deal. With a top speed of 75+ mph and fuel economy of 75+ mpg, you’re going to get everywhere you need to go, on very little gas. One of the other benefits of a Blur is that they are fuel injected, which helps to save you from the issues that many carbureted bikes experience due to the current ethanol content in gasoline.


2006 Vespa LX 150, Dragon Red – $1,599 7:22:14 2006 Red LX150 profile w:logo

If you’re looking for reliable, inexpensive transportation, this Vespa is the way to go. This bike is priced well below the NADA value due to some cosmetic issues. That being said, the 150cc Vespa engine is known for it’s longevity and reliability. With a front disc brake and lighting that’s superior to most of it’s competitors, Vespa also sees to it that they’re bikes lead the way in safety. On top of that, the monocoque steel frame and superior suspension make Vespa among the most comfortable scooters around. Right now, this bike with the attached seat is being sold for $1,599. The bike can also be sold for $1,799 with a black seat. With a little better than 9,000 miles on it, this scoot has plenty of miles left to ride. Whether it’s scooting around town for weekend activities or back and forth to work, the 75 mpg certainly won’t hurt either!


2013 Honda PCX 150, Crimson Red – $2,699 7:9:14 2013 Honda PCX Profile w:logo

The PCX is a fun, nimble, comfortable, adept scooter. Riding around town is a pleasure with it’s well thought out ergonomics and it’s comfy seat. It has plenty of pick up and feels perfectly stable at speed for such a small bike. With 22 liters of under seat storage, that comfort will get you where you need to go, and the storage will let you bring a whole bunch of stuff back home. Add in the top box installed by the previous owner, and this bike is ready for a vacation trip, grocery shopping and anything else you throw at it. It also gets 90+ mpg, meaning that you sure won’t be spending your grocery or vacation money on gas. The PCX is a near perfect step up for folks who’ve been riding 50cc scooters and are looking for something more. It’s fast enough and powerful enough to be fun and capable, but is also light, handles very well and filled with plush comfort.


2009 Yamaha Majesty 400, Charcoal Gray – $3,6997:9:14 2009 Yamaha Majesty Profile w:logo

The Yamaha Majesty is a maxi-scooter that can handle anything you can throw at it with ease. With a 395cc, liquid cooled engine, it is more than capable of logging plenty of highway miles, but it’s also surprisingly agile and easy to handle in stop and go traffic. It cranks out 33.5 hp and has a top speed of 100+ mph. Even with a long wheel base, the turning radius is excellent and helps to make this bike shockingly simple to pilot. It has an awesome 16 gallon under seat storage compartment as well. The 30 inch seat height is manageable, and the seating is the definition of comfort for long trips or short jaunts. This bike only has 1658 miles on it, meaning that someone is going to be able to put tons more miles on it as well. The versatility and surprisingly sporty handling make the Majesty a great choice for folks looking for both comfort and the fun of a taking a large engine scoot through twisty turns.


2011 Vespa GTS 300 Super, Titanium – $49992011 GTS300 Titanium (Keith)

The GTS 300 is a Scoot Richmond favorite. How Vespa has succeeded in pulling the amount of power out of the 300cc engine that they have will remain a mystery for the ages. It has a top speed of 80+ mph and gets 65 mpg! This bike has all the power to get you through the city streets and traffic, and enough speed to get you down the highway to anywhere you need to go. It’s also a bike that handles incredibly well. It can handle twisty mountain roads, the highway or avoiding some of the awful Richmond potholes with ease. And if you can’t avoid the potholes, don’t worry, the rigid frame that is a Vespa signature, combined with the suspension on the GTS make it handle potholes and bumps better than some bikes twice it’s size. The GTS is a near perfect commuter vehicle, as well as being an incredibly fun ride. This particular bike has been with us for the entirety of its life so we know it’s had all the maintenance at the suggested intervals and been well taken care of in general. It only has 7,613 miles on and the original owner had an Akropovic exhaust installed on it that gives it a beautiful growl when you twist the throttle. It also has a Vespa manufactured alarm installed. The alarm can be set for whatever sensitivity you like, and has a key fob so your chances of setting it off and driving your neighbors crazy aren’t very good. This grin inducing mini-monster isn’t going be around very long at this price, so get down to Scoot and get yourself one of the most fun scooters ever produced at a killer price.


2013 Hyosung GT650, White – $4,6996:24:14 2013 Hyosung GT650 Profile w:logo

Hyosung has been importing bikes into the country for a few years now. Their initial offerings definitely had some issues, but with the GT650, they upped their game and created a solid quality, fun to ride, naked streetfighter that’s capable and stable at high speeds, in corners with a fuel injection system smooth enough to be a pleasure in the cities stop and go environment that’s also light enough to be easy to handle. This is a bike that’s designed to be ridden consistently by someone who wants to get a capable, dependable motorcycle that has enough power to be fun, but not so much power that it’s intimidating. It’s been meticulously cared for by it’s previous owner, and it looks it. It only has 4,206 miles on it, an aftermarket exhaust that gives it a great low end growl without being super loud at speed, and is just in excellent condition all around. The seating position is comfortable and relaxed enough for commuting through the city or on the highway, but sporty enough to make carving corners a fun and satisfying experience as well. If you’re looking for a bike that has an all around solid build quality, is going to get you from A to B without spending hours of maintenance and repair every week, and performs well enough to still be fun carving up some country road curves, this little beauty will do you well for a long time, and at a great price. This bike would be as close to perfect for a new rider’s first bike as can be found, as well. Come on down, have a seat and check it out!

1958 Harley Davidson Hummer ST 165, Orange – $4,799 6:6:14 1958 Harley Hummer profile w:logo

You sure don’t see one of these every day. This amazing vintage bike doesn’t just look incredibly cool, it also runs, which makes it even more unusual.  With a two stroke 165cc engine, a three speed transmission this was Harley’s entry in to “stripped down” market of its day. One look can tell you that it’s as stripped as stripped down can get. The paint is new, and it’s had some engine work done in the last few years to keep it running, while keeping as much of it original as humanly possible, but the seat, grips and everything else on the bike are completely original. It’s also incredibly cool and in shockingly good condition. This is the opportunity to own a piece of American motorcycling history.



1987 Cagiva Alazzurra, Black and White – $3,495 6:6:14 1987 Cagiva Profile w:logo

The Cagiva Alazzurra is a bike a whole lot of the American motorcycling public are completely unaware of. But, everyone knows Ducati. The Alazzurra has a Ducati 650 engine and many of the components from the Ducati Pantah which hit the end of it’s production run just prior to the release of the Alazzurra. Ducati’s V-twin 650 puts out 56 hp and was well known as one of the premium engines of its day. It has a 5 speed transmission, a dual disc front brake, a single disc rear and a 4 3/4 gallon gas tank. With a wet weight of 445, it’s a light, fun motorcycle. The new owner of this bike is also going to be on the front end of the emerging trend of interest in 80′s sport bikes.



2011 Moto Guzzi Norge, Competition Black – $9,999 5:28:14 2011 Moto Guzzi Profile w:logo

The Norge is Moto Guzzi’s heavy hitter in the sport touring category of motorcycle. This sleek Italian machine has a 1151cc V-twin fuel injected engine with a 90 degree firing interval and puts out 19.8 horsepower at 7.6 lb-ft in torque. ABS came standard on this bike and it’s six speed transmission is butter smooth, a trait which is aided by it’s shaft drive. With a six gallon tank, and approximately one gallon reserve, this bike has enough power to get you where you need to go and it’s comfortable enough to take you where you want to go, no matter the distance. This bike comes with the pictured top box and side panniers, heated grips, a GPS mount, wiring for heated gear, switchable ABS, electronically adjustable windscreen, an analog speedometer and tachometer with an LCD display with numerous modes to give you all the information you need to get to your destination safely and efficiently. Touring has never been more fun or stylish.


2005 Genuine Stella “Atomic Fireball” Special Edition – $2,1995:17:14 Fireball LH Portrait w:logo

The Genuine Scooter Company has partnered with the Ferraro Pan candy company to produce 2 different special edition scooters. The “Atomic Fireball” was the first, and this manual transmission, 150cc 2 stroke lives up to that name. On top of the already quick and responsive 150cc 2 stroke engine, this bike has a Sito performance exhaust that helps give it even more get up and go (which translates to more uncontrollable grinning for it’s next owner). The full size windshield is also a great bonus. Like many of our used bikes, we sold this one to it’s original owner and have been servicing it throughout it’s life. We know it’s in good condition, all of the services have been done as recommended. If you’re looking for a scooter that is fun to ride, will attract plenty of attention and start plenty of conversations, this is the one for you. The two stroke Stella’s are in demand among two stroke enthusiasts, so if you’re interested in this bike, don’t take your time as it will not last long.


1980 Vespa S50, Arancione Orange – $2,400

This is a vintage small frame Vespa 50cc with a twist shift! It’s all original as well, including paint. This bike is in good running condition and will make a great, fun ride for anyone looking to get around in downtown Richmond! It’s had an engine rebuild in the last six years and it has some light upgrades which will allow it to go up to 40-45 mph. The tires are brand new as well. This bike has been meticulously maintained by it’s owner and for the last few years all of that work has been done here at Scoot Richmond, so we’re intimately familiar with it. This is a great deal if you’d like to get a vintage scoot without having to get a motorcycle license.  No motorcycle license is required so long as you don’t go above 35 mph.



2009 Vespa LX50, Midnight Blue – $2,499

This scoot has been given a whole lotta love recently. It has had a full service, including changing the belt and rollers, new tires, had rear crash bars and a rear rack added. With just over 8,000 miles on it, that saves the next owner from having to worry about this service. It’s in great running condition and has been adult owned. It has a few slight cosmetic issues, which is why we’re listing a 2009 Vespa at $2,499. There is no more luxurious 50cc scoot on the market than the LX50, and this one is going to move quickly. This is the perfect two wheeler for a first time rider.




2008 SYM HD200, Silver – $2,199

This is a great deal on a solid scoot that’s been well cared for. With just 6,000 miles on it, and all of the suggested maintenance done to it (including recent coolant and brake flushes), this bike is ready to give someone years of dependable riding. The top box and windshield are an added value that give you extra storage space and protection from the wind. The HD 200 has a top speed of 70+ mph and fuel economy of 60+ mpg. The combination of it’s light weight, larger wheels and speed capablities, this scoot is at home on the highway as it is running errands or just going for a country joy ride. With a reputation as one of the great all around scoots to hit the market in the last decade, this bike is going to go fast at this price.




Scoot Richmond has an ever-changing variety of vintage Vespa and Lambretta scooters available for purchase, as well as the occasional moped.  Please call us if you are looking for something in particular and we’ll see what we can help you find.

Are you looking to sell your quality used scooter? Contact us! Scoot Richmond offers consignment sales for your used scooter or motorcycle which is sitting in a corner collecting dust (dependent on available space in our showroom, of course). Please give us a call to discuss our consignment policies.