Used and Vintage

Buying a pre-owned scooter is a great way to save a bit of money! Scoot Richmond offers a variety of used scooters for purchase. Please call Scoot Richmond at (804)230-1000 if you are interested in a specific scooter on this list, as there is only one of each vehicle. Photos are on the way for the rest of the scooters. Drop us an email at info (at) scootrichmond dot com if there is a specific scoot you’d like to see!  Please note: All prices noted here are before vehicle sales tax, title, registration, and state inspection. Get in touch and we can put together a final price for you.

And remember to check our Sales and Bargains page, if you are looking for a great deal on a new scooter with a full factory warranty!


_DSC00042013 Vespa GTS 300ie – $4,499

Unanimously considered the most fun scooter ever manufactured by the staff of Scoot Richmond, this is an outstanding deal on an incredibly fun, reliable and practical scooter. With a top speed of 80 – 85 mph, this scooter can get you anywhere you need to go. With the crash bars, top box, and front rack pictured, it’s full up on the most popular accessories for the GTS 300, and it’s still got plenty of life and miles left for someone looking to have way more fun that a scooter ever should be!


2015 Genuine Hooligan 170i – $2,899 _DSC0103

All the great quality of a Genuine scooter, with fuel injection adding to the already outstanding reliable nature of their scooters, extremely generous under seat storage, a top box, awesome LED light set up and very few miles. This awesome bike gets killer fuel economy, is comfortable and a blast to ride.



2015 Vespa Primavera – $2,499 _DSC0108

The previous owner of this Vespa loved riding it so much they traded up to a larger engine so that they’d be able to ride every day! This beautifully designed bike has the same rock solid 50cc engine Vespa has been making for years. It’s a beautiful, eye catching color and it rides incredibly well. It’s been given a full service by our technicians and it’s in great mechanical conditions. It’s been very well loved, so it has a few dings on it, but that won’t stop it from giving someone reliable service for a very long time.


2012 Vespa LX50 – _DSC0159$1,899

The LX was the back bone of the Vespa line until last year, when they released the Primavera to take its place. Like all modern Vespa models, the LX was a workhorse scooter, with the elegant, classy design everyone expects from Vespa. As long as these scooters are maintained correctly, they will be incredibly reliable, on top of how fun they are. This one comes with a full size windshield and a top box, making it a great choice for someone looking to stop fighting the parking downtown and start having some fun on their commute. The added space means no problems stopping at the grocery store and the windshield will help extend your riding season. This bike is in excellent mechanical condition and runs like a top, with a few small cosmetic issues.


2011 Honda Ruckus – $1,599 _DSC0034

The Honda Ruckus has inspired a cult like following among the scooter faithful. It’s light, unique, reliable and there are more opportunities to customize it than possibly any other scooter that has ever existed. At this price, with less than 900 miles on it, someone is going to have the opportunity to make this scoot completely and utterly their own, and ride it for a very long time to come. Used Ruckus models can be hard to come by because of just how devoted a following they have, so if this bike is something you’re considering, come talk to us ASAP, otherwise it absolutely will be gone.


2009 Piaggio MP3 400 – $4,199 _DSC0065

This MP3 is in spotless condition, with less than 19,000 miles and a complete service history, with all of the scheduled maintenance done on time. Stable, comfortable, more than enough power to handle long highway rides and lots of life left for it’s next owner. Call or come down to take a look at it or take it for a test ride!



Scoot Richmond has an ever-changing variety of used scooters as well as the occasional vintage Vespa and Lambretta scooter available for purchase. Please call us if you are looking for something in particular and we’ll see what we can help you find.

Are you looking to sell your quality used scooter? Contact us! Scoot Richmond offers consignment sales for your used scooter or motorcycle which is sitting in a corner collecting dust (dependent on available space in our showroom, of course). Please give us a call to discuss our consignment policies.